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Hard Rock / Metal / Punk

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  • 1000 MONA LISAS - EP
    1000 MONA LISAS - EP
    Vinyl EP Pressing:  USA 1995 Factory Sealed, cut out notch How Would You Know / Green Light / Maybe It's All Forgotten / My Embarrassing Suicide / Instilled And...
  • 27 DEVILS JOKING - Smells Like Fun
    27 DEVILS JOKING - Smells Like Fun
    Vinyl LP Pressing:  USA Vinyl:   New Cover:  Sealed Sometimes These Words Don't Mean Anything/Ghost Train/Pulse/Why Is Asparagus Purple Like A Dog/Once Again/Good As Gold/Chicken Head/Don't...
  • 86 -  Minutes In A Day
    86 - Minutes In A Day
    Vinyl EPPressing:  USA 45 RPMVinyl:  SealedCover:  SealedMinutes In A Day/ Gems/ Floating/ Waiting/ Smile/ Just...
  • 86 - Provocation
    86 - Provocation
    Vinyl LPPressing:  USA 1987Vinyl:  SealedCover:  SealedNew Pair Of Eyes/ The City/ Shade Of Black/ Seven Weeks And One Day/ Kings Mountain/ Eyeless/ Sonambo/ Wondering/ Getaway/ Inside/ Wheel Of...
  • ACID REIGN - Moshkinstein
    ACID REIGN - Moshkinstein
    Vinyl LPPressing:  USA 1988Vinyl:  SealedCover:  Sealed, cut out drill hole. A few rips in the shrinkGoddess/ Suspended Sentence/ Freedom Of Speech/ Motherly Love/ Respect The Dead/...
  • ADRENALIN - Don't Be Lookin' Back
    ADRENALIN - Don't Be Lookin' Back
    Vinyl EPPressing:  USA 1983Vinyl:  NewCover:  Sealed, some edge/corner wrinkles, A few holes in the shrinkI Need You / Angel In The Day / I Hope It's You / Don't Be Lookin' Back / Make It With You /...
    Vinyl LP Pressing:  USA 2006 Vinyl:  New Cover:  Sealed Theme / I Don't Smoke It / Shitokinayo / I'll Slice You Up / Premature Vagueness / On The Cross / Speed Complaint / The Heart Song /...
  • ALIAS - Contraband
    ALIAS - Contraband
    Vinyl LPPressing:  USA 1979Vinyl:   NewCover:  Sealed, one corner cut off. A few edge/corner wrinklesStreetfighter/ True Love/ Devils Bride/ Child Of Fortune/ Can't Dry Up/ Dagger In The Night/ Dead...
  • ANGUS - Track Of Doom
    ANGUS - Track Of Doom
    Vinyl LP Pressing:  USA 1986 Vinyl:  New Cover:  Sealed, cut nout saw mark The Centaur / When Giants Collide/  Track Of Doom / Heavy Weight Warrior / Finally Out / The Gates/  Dragon Chase / Lost...
  • ANODYNE - Lifetime Of Gray Skies
    ANODYNE - Lifetime Of Gray Skies
    Vinyl LP Pressing:  country of original unknown, 2004 Vinyl:  New Cover:  Sealed Arctor / Carnot Engine / Portable Crematorium / Zero World / Infernal Machine / The Mind Is A Terrible Thing / Plastic Will...
  • ANTHEM - Tightrope
    ANTHEM - Tightrope
    Vinyl LP Pressing:  USA 1986 Vinyl:  New Cover:  Sealed, cut out notch. Bent corner with wrinkles, partial stickers on shrink Tightrope Dancer/  Light It Up  / Night After Night/  Black Eyed...
  • ANTI-FLAG - Live Acoustic At 11th Street Records
    ANTI-FLAG - Live Acoustic At 11th Street Records
    Vinyl LP Factory Sealed  Record Store Day 2016 Release Fabled World / This Is The End / Broken Bones / Brandenburg Gate / 1915/ One Trillion Dollars / Without End / Turncoat / Die For The...
  • ASIA - Alpha
    ASIA - Alpha
    Vinyl LPPressing:  USA 1983Vinyl:  NewCover:  Sealed, cut out notchDon't Cry / The Smile Has Left Your Eyes/ Never In A Million Years / My Own Time / The Heat Goes On / Eye To Eye/ The Last To Know/ True...
  • ASIA - Astra 11002
    ASIA - Astra 11002
    Vinyl LPPressing:   USA 1985Vinyl:  NewCover:  Sealed, cut out notch. Shrink is torn around the notch. A few wrinklesGo / Voice Of America / Voice Of America / Hard On Me / Wishing / Rock And Roll Dream /...
  • ATREYU - The Best Of
    ATREYU - The Best Of
    Vinyl LP Pressing:  2015, Released for Record Store Day 2016 USA, factory Sealed Ships as 2 due to...
  • AUTOGRAPH - That's The Stuff
    AUTOGRAPH - That's The Stuff
    Vinyl LPPressing:  USA 1985Vinyl:  NewCover:  Sealesd, cut out notch. Corner/edge wrinkles. A few holes in the shrinkThat's The Stuff / Take No Prisoners / Bondes In Black Cars / You'll Get Over It / Crazy...


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