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Buying and Selling

At any given time in any given city there are 30 music dealers that all claim to offer the best price in said city for your records. One of two things is true here. Either all 30 get together every month and compare their prices, confirming the clear winner OR 29 of them are not telling the truth.

It is likely that someone will pay more than us for your records and even more likely that someone will pay less.

Here's how we approach it. We offer a fair price based on the industry norm. For collectable LP's, we generally pay between 25 and 30% of what we feel we can sell the item for. For the more common easy to find items, expect a buck or so. For highly sought after items that we know there is a demand for, the price can certainly exceed the 30% ceiling. We base our offer price on what we feel our customers will pay. This certainly can vary from shop to shop or from dealer to dealer.

Condition is everything. We don't buy scratched records. A few light cosmetic faults here and there could be acceptable, but if your items are scratched or significantly damanged we just won't be interested.

Here are some of the things we are interested in:

Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B , Metal, Funk, Disco , Soundtracks LP'sfrom the 60's and up

Some country and vocalist music dependent on artist (Frank Sinatra yes, Englebert Humperdinck no)

45 RPM 7" records in all genres BUT they must have been stored in sleeves and in prime condition

We do buy some used cassettes. However, we sell most for $1 or less, so needless to say we generally pay much less than that for them. Kinda of the bulk box concept.

We approach buying collections in 2 ways. We can either pick through your items, select the "desirables" and price them individually taking only what we really want.

Or at times we'll buy a lot that contains both some desirables and some titles we have no interest in. In this situation, a lump sum is offered. This may provide a lower price for the better things than if priced individually but also does not leave you with a bunch of stuff no one wants. This is generally for people that just want to sell their records quickly and effortlessly. We are opened to discussing both.

Here's what we DON'T want

We don't buy used CD's of any kind, books or any other memorabillia. We don't want or need easy listening instrumental music (Mantovani, Liberace etc), big band stuff (Glenn Miller, etc), old-time vocalists (Vera Lynn, Mario Lanza)  easy listening (Zamfir, Military Pipe Bands) or boxed sets (Time/Life, Reader's Digest). We also do not deal in electronic equipment.

We welcome the opportunity to look over your collection and tell you whether it holds interest for us and if so, what we can offer to you. Small collections can be brought by the store. In the case of larger collections, we certainly can arrange to travel to you within city limits.

If you are wanting to come by the store please call ahead (783-7835) to make sure we will have the time to give you proper attention. 

Should you have any further questions or want to find out if we might be interested in purchasing, feel free to call the shop at any time. Our hours are a bit odd, but are always posted on our home page.